Folding Portable Multi-function Abdominal Supine Board Fitness Machine - Black Flagship
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Product Description :

#Multi-function Gym Folddable Push Sit Up Supine Board

This is a high-profile supine board that exercises abdominal muscles, effectively burns excess fat in the abdomen, relieves muscle fatigue after exercise, and sports only change for you!

New desigh with double folding, Small in size for storage.

Packed with multiple functions, this bench can be used not only for sit-ups, but also for push ups, crunches and also back exercises.

A bench for a more efficient workout. Made from heavy duty alloy steel and PU Leather bench board and quality fill in sponge.

Now getting and staying in good shape is simple and easy. Placed in your garage, office, bedroom or gym, you sure to have a workout thats enjoyable and quick. Giving you a rapid path to good health, physical fitness and the body you really want.

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*Double Folding, Small In Size, Easy For Storage

*Maximum Carrying Load: 200kg

*Double fixation Screw, More stable and not shaking

*Light Weight, High Strength

*Adjustable Footrest Up/Down

*3 Levels Adjustable Board height

*4 Levels Adjustable Foot Bottom Support

*Suitable men and women, middle-aged and elderly


*Brand: ADSports

*Material: Metal Steel, PU Leather, Foam

*Maximum Carrying Load: 200kg

*Maximum People Height: 180cm

*Weight: ~ 7KG

*Color: Black

*Packing Dimension :(W)24cm x (H)30cm x (L)70cm

*Free Wrist Support 1pair


















Lipat papan lendahan mudah alih papan lelaki pelbagai fungsi perut papan wanita abdomen senaman sit-up peralatan kecergasan rumah

Latihan otot dengan banyak cara, gunakan tangan anda, gunakan otot perut anda, gunakan otot dada anda, gunakan garis rompi anda

Ruang lipat tanpa lipat ganda, bantal bantal bantal, reka bentuk lampiran, sokongan berani

Bantal boleh diselaraskan untuk melindungi pinggang, melindungi belakang, melindungi leher dan melindungi kepala

Perlindungan kaki yang tidak licin menghalang papan supine dari meluncur dan menggaruk lantai semasa senaman

Secara saintifik merekabentuk ketinggian tiang supergen untuk membuat latihan backrest lebih profesional dan lebih banyak di tempatnya

Orang yang berkenaan: wanita / lelaki

Jenis: Duduk-duduk

Bahagian kecergasan: badan membentuk / badan

Sama ada ia boleh dilipat: dilipat

Perhatikan kaedah dan senaman, tidak terlalu cepat, terlalu pantas, untuk mengelakkan kecederaan pada otot belakang
Pastikan anda berehat ketika melakukan sit-up, bukan untuk mengetatkan badan anda
Jumlah senaman yang sederhana, tanpa menyedari kuantiti tanpa memberi perhatian kepada k
eadaan fizika

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