ZQS-1201 High Power Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Portable Wireless Super Bass with Led Light Function | Radio
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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker with Colorful LED Lights Built-in Mic, aUX, TF, FM Radio, Hands Free Support for iPhone, Samsung, android Smartphone, iPad, Laptop

ZQS-1201 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Led Light is a sleek looking speaker with solid sound. It is compatible with your smartphone, Computer and can even be used for Stage performances, and Outdoor Parties. It's portable and wireless so you can listen to music on the move. The speakers also have attractive led display lights which enhance any party atmosphere. With this mini Speaker you can also enjoy FM Radio. With a battery backup of up to 2-5 hours, this speaker is a must have for music lovers.

Connection: Bluetooth,TF card.AUX,USB
Portable (with handle),Fashion looking
Stronger power,quite loudly
Suitable for indoor outdoor sports ,race,hiking,camping,party etc.
Offer you a good music as well as nice mood.

* Multicolor Luminous Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Mini Bass stereo Surround TF card 1200mAh
* Bluetooth specification: 4.2
* Wireless transmission distance: 10M
* Battery capacity: 1500mAh
* Built-in voltage: 3.7V
* Playing time: 5 hours
* Speaker specifications: ¢45MM*2
* Power: 5W*2
* Frequency response: 120HZ-20KHZ
* Product size: 77X77X150 MM
* Single machine weight: 490g
* Charging voltage: 5V/500MA

-RGB light
-TWS capability
-micro SD
1. (DC-5V) Charger plug for built-in battery, when DC 5V cable is connected, Led is on2. (ON/OFF) Turn Left to turn off, turn right to turn on3. (U-DISK PORT) Support U disk and can play MP3 and WAV format music in U4 disk. (CARD PORT) Support Card and can play MP3 and WAV format Music on Card5. (MODE) Short press to switch between T, Card.

ZQS-1201 内置 LED 灯的无线蓝牙扬声器是一款外观时尚、音质扎实的扬声器。 它与您的智能手机、计算机兼容,甚至可以用于舞台表演和户外派对。 它是便携式和无线的,因此您可以在移动中听音乐。 扬声器还配有引人注目的 LED 显示屏灯,可增强派对气氛。 使用这款迷你音箱,您还可以享受 FM 广播。 这款扬声器的电池备份时间长达 2-5 小时,是音乐爱好者的必备品。

* 蓝牙规格:4.2
* 无线传输距离:10M
* 电池容量:1500mAh
* 内置电压:3.7V
* 游玩时间:5小时
* 喇叭规格:¢45MM*2
* 功率:5W*2
* 产品尺寸:77X77X150 MM
* 单机重量:490g
* 充电电压:5V/500MA
* 特征
1. (DC-5V) 内置电池充电插头,连接 DC 5V 线时,LED 亮。 (开/关)左转关闭,右转打开3。 (U-DISK PORT) 支持U盘,可以播放U4盘中的MP3和WAV格式音乐。 (CARD PORT) 支持Card5,可播放Card5上的MP3和WAV格式音乐。 (MODE) 短按可在T、Card之间切换。
ZQS-1201 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Led Light ialah pembesar suara yang kelihatan anggun dengan bunyi padu. Ia serasi dengan telefon pintar anda, Komputer dan juga boleh digunakan untuk persembahan Pentas dan Pesta Luar. Ia mudah alih dan wayarles supaya anda boleh mendengar muzik semasa bergerak. Pembesar suara juga mempunyai lampu paparan led yang menarik yang meningkatkan suasana pesta. Dengan Speaker mini ini anda juga boleh menikmati Radio FM. Dengan sandaran bateri sehingga 2-5 jam, pembesar suara ini mesti ada untuk pencinta muzik.

* Multicolor Luminous Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Mini Bass stereo Surround TF card 1200mAh
* Spesifikasi Bluetooth: 4.2
* Jarak penghantaran wayarles: 10M
* Kapasiti bateri: 1500mAh
* Voltan terbina dalam: 3.7V
* Masa bermain: 5 jam
* Spesifikasi pembesar suara: ?45MM?2
* Kuasa: 5W?2
* Respons kekerapan: 120HZ-20KHZ
* Saiz produk: 77X77X150 MM
* Berat mesin tunggal: 490g
* Voltan pengecasan: 5V/500MA
* Ciri-ciri
-Lampu RGB
-Keupayaan TWS
-mikro SD
1. (DC-5V) Palam pengecas untuk bateri terbina dalam, apabila kabel DC 5V disambungkan, Led dihidupkan2. (HIDUP/MATI) Belok Kiri untuk mematikan, belok kanan untuk menghidupkan3. (PORT U-DISK) Menyokong cakera U dan boleh memainkan muzik format MP3 dan WAV dalam cakera U4. (PORT KAD) Kad Sokongan dan boleh memainkan Muzik format MP3 dan WAV pada Kad5. (MODE) Tekan pendek untuk bertukar antara T, Kad.


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