Learn Easily and Quickly Game|Belajar Dengan Mudah Dan Pantas Kit Pantas Membaca Pandai Membaca Dalam 3 Bulan | 快速记忆阅读游戏
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Courier Company Location Shipping Cost (Manual Order) Estimated delivery (Working days)
Pos Laju Sabah RM  20.60 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Sarawak RM  20.60 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Semenanjung RM  5.80 1 - 2 Days
Shipping fee calculate based on the product highest weight/ volumetric dimension. Product more than 2kg can refer others postage.


Tak perlu paksa anak belajar. Sebab diorang nak main je.

Kasi je Kit Pantas Membaca kat anak-anak, kasi diorang bermain sambil belajar.
Anak seronok, ibu gembira..!
Formula rahsia pantas membaca!
Mudah sahaja dengan Kaedah Fonik i3M (inculcate, interactive & interesting Method) Kit Pantas Membaca!
✅ Kaedah Fonik dengan teknik asosiasi  - anak2 pasti dapat membaca dalam masa 3 bulan
✅ Membaca sambil bermain & menyanyi
✅ Mengenal bunyi suku kata dan ejaan dengan betul
✅ Membaca dengan lebih yakin
✅ Cepat bosan? Roda Pintar dan Kad Flip pasti membuatkan si kecil teruja!
Setiap kit mengandungi:-
1) Kad Imbas (14 x 8 cm)  (*dijual berasingan)
✅ Lebih daripada 100 kad imbas huruf dan suku kata terbuka
✅  Size: 14 cm x 8 cm
2) Roda Pintar
✅ Roda Pintar untuk mengenal suku kata terbuka dengan lebih interaktif
✅  Size: diameter 18 cm
3) Kad Flip
✅  Kad Flip 3 dalam 1 untuk mengenal suku kata tertutup, diftong dan juga digraf.
✅  Size: 25 cm x 9 cm

使用 i3M Phonics Method(灌输、互动和有趣的方法)快速阅读套件,这很容易!
✅自然拼读法结合联想法 - 孩子3个月内一定能读书
✅ 一边弹唱一边读书
✅ 正确认识音节的发音和拼写
✅ 更加自信地阅读
✅ 不会很快就感到无聊, 智能轮和翻转卡一定会让小孩子们增强脑部发展!


1) 扫描卡(14 x 8 厘米)(*单独出售)
✅ 超过 100 张公开信和音节抽认卡
✅ 尺寸:14 厘米 x 8 厘米
2) 智能轮
✅ 智能轮以交互方式识别开音节
✅ 尺寸:直径18厘米
3) 翻页卡
✅ 3 合 1 翻页卡,用于学习闭音节、双元音和二合字母。
✅ 尺寸:25 厘米 x 9 厘米
No need to force children to study. Because people want to play.
Thanks for the Quick Reading Kit for children, because people play while learning.
Children are happy, mothers are happy..!
The secret formula is fast reading!
It's easy with the i3M Phonics Method (inculcate, interactive & interesting Method) Quick Reading Kit!
? Phonics method with association technique - children will definitely be able to read within 3 months
? Reading while playing & singing
? Know the sound of syllables and spelling correctly
? Read more confidently
? Bored quickly? The Smart Wheel and Flip Cards are sure to keep little ones excited!
Each kit contains:-
1) Scan Card (14 x 8 cm) (*sold separately)
? More than 100 open letter and syllable flashcards
? Size: 14 cm x 8 cm
2) Smart Wheels
? Smart Wheel to recognize open syllables more interactively
? Size: diameter 18 cm
3) Flip Card
? 3 in 1 flip card to learn closed syllables, diphthongs and also digraphs.
? Size: 25 cm x 9 cm

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