Discontinued Product Grill Maifan Stone Electric Multi-Function Non-Stick Frying Cooking Baking Pan
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Product Description :

#Ready Stock #Multifunctional #Electric #Barbecue #Grill #Baking Pan Large capacity / quick #heating / fire / safety Thicken and deepen #pot, #nonstick.

The hot plate is strictly controlled by the LED thermostat and can control the heat distribution in a very intelligent way.

No electricity smokeless grill provides enough food for the whole family. For example, you should be able to burn six burgers at a time and even four ordinary steaks.

The grill is equipped with a smoke exhaust technology that uses a turbofan to remove all internal smoke.

The completely non-stick ceramic grill surface will not make your food stick. No drip grill, there is a tray that can catch and collect all the remaining oil during the grilling process and can become a lifeguard.

This grill is made of cast aluminum and weighs much faster than traditional grills on the market. The quick heating of the grill helps reduce waiting time in a very noticeable way and makes the cooking experience more enjoyable.

*Maifan stone is rich in trace elements.

*Water purification function,

*Easy non-stick cleaning

*Fast heating.


*Rated power: 1360W

*Rated voltage: 220V

*Rated frequency: 50HZ

*Color: Black

*Size: 25cmx52cm

*Packaging Dimensions 58cm * 31cm * 13cm











电热/火锅功能 :炒,铁板烧,火锅,炖,焖,炸,煎,煮

内胆材质 :合金

类型: 电热/火锅


Gaya Korea memanggang satu periuk rumah kreatif tanpa periuk periuk bukan kayu periuk multi-fungsi periuk elektrik

Elektrik baking pan tebal bahan aloi aluminium, acuan bersepadu, tahan lama, tidak mudah berubah, kapasiti yang lebih besar

Reka bentuk plat dua-dalam-satu, sesuai untuk keperluan barbeku yang berbeza, kawalan suhu yang munasabah, kawalan minyak pesat

Reka bentuk panel mesra pengguna, sarang lebah, reka bentuk bump strip

Paip haba berbentuk U berkuasa tinggi, pengaliran haba seragam, kuali tidak melekat, tidak teratur

Lapisan tidak lekat, tiada asap, tiada percikan minyak, tiada tongkat, gril yang sihat

Reka bentuk baris bawah, saliran mudah, longkang minyak

Pemegang anti-panas, tiada karat, tiada tangan panas, reka bentuk pemegang plastik, mencegah kejutan elektrik, selamat dan cantik

Soket bersepadu untuk penggunaan yang lebih mudah, lebih dipercayai dan lebih selamat

Plat penebat haba bawah dengan papan penebat plastik PP berkualiti tinggi di belakang

Fungsi elektrik / periuk panas: goreng, teppanyaki, periuk panas, rebus, rebus, goreng, goreng, direbus

Bahan pelapis: aloi

Jenis: periuk elektrik / panas

Spesifikasi mulut periuk: 21cm (termasuk)

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