Bioasia Organic Rice Bites Sour Cream & Chives Organic Rice Cracker Snack Biscuits Crackers 70g
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Products Description

Our geometrical-shaped Rice chips, called Organic Rice Bites, will break your original expectation of chips. They are made from Organic Jasmine Brown Rice.
Our Rice Bites is baked instead of fried.

Moreover, they are natural, not artificial.

These Rice Bites consist of 4 “Frees” – grease free, cholesterol free, environment harm free and MSG free. Therefore, every box is full of goodness to your health and society. 

Product are vegan & gluten free

12 months shelf life

Packing format – Aluminum foil in a duplex box

HACCP & GMP certified

HALAL certified

USDA organic certified

-Original Ingredients: Jasmine Brown Rice* 94%, Sunflower Oil* Natural Sea Salt 1%(*Certified Organic)

-Sour Cream & Chives Ingredients: Jasmine Brown Rice* 83.75%, Sour Cream & Chives Seasoning * 11.25%  Sunflower Oil* Natural Sea Salt(*Certified Organic)

-Sea Salt & Vinegar Ingredients: Jasmine Brown Rice* 92%, Sunflower Oil* Rice Wine Vinegar*1.8%; Natural Sea Salt 1.2%(*Certified Organic)

Weight :70g

Product of Thailand


Processed on equipment that handles soy and dairy/milk products.


✅这些大米叮咬包含 4 个“免费”——无油脂、无胆固醇、无环境危害和无味精。因此,每个盒子都充满了对您的健康和社会的好处。
✅包装格式 – 铝箔在一个双面盒

-原始成分:茉莉糙米* 94%,葵花籽油* 天然海盐1%(*有机认证)
-酸奶油和细香葱成分:茉莉花糙米* 83.75%,酸奶油和细香葱调味料* 11.25% 葵花籽油* 天然海盐(*有机认证)
-海盐和醋成分:茉莉糙米* 92%、葵花籽油*米酒醋* 1.8%;天然海盐 1.2%(*有机认证)



Penerangan Produk

?Kerepek Nasi berbentuk geometri kami, dipanggil Organic Rice Bites, akan memecahkan jangkaan asal anda terhadap kerepek. Ia diperbuat daripada Beras Perang Jasmine Organik.
?Bites Nasi kami dibakar bukannya digoreng.
?Lebih-lebih lagi ianya semulajadi, bukan tiruan.
?Gigitan Beras ini terdiri daripada 4 "Bebas" - bebas gris, bebas kolesterol, bebas bahaya alam sekitar dan bebas MSG. Oleh itu, setiap kotak penuh dengan kebaikan untuk kesihatan dan masyarakat anda.
?Produk adalah vegan & bebas gluten
?12 bulan jangka hayat
?Format pembungkusan – Kerajang aluminium dalam kotak dupleks
?Diperakui HACCP & GMP
?Disahkan HALAL
?Diperakui organik USDA

-Bahan Asli: Jasmine Brown Rice* 94%, Sunflower Oil* Natural Sea Salt 1%(*Certified Organic)

-Bahan Krim Masam & Daun Kucai: Beras Perang Jasmine* 83.75%, Krim Masam & Perencah Kucai * 11.25% Minyak Bunga Matahari* Garam Laut Asli(*Organik Disahkan)

-Bahan Garam Laut & Cuka: Beras Perang Jasmine* 92%, Minyak Bunga Matahari* Cuka Wain Beras*1.8%; Garam Laut Asli 1.2%(*Organik Disahkan)

Berat: 70g

Produk Thailand

Diproses pada peralatan yang mengendalikan soya dan produk tenusu/susu.

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