Full name: ( Fill in the seller's name)
Phone number : ( Fill in the seller's Contact number)
Pickup & Return Address  : ( Fill in save value warehouse address  No: 60 jalan LP1A/5 taman lestari perdana seri kembangan 43300 selangor )
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1) Seller using  Lazada Return Label.
     Click here to know more about Return
No:60 Jalan LP 1A/5 Taman Lestari Perdana 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor.
The name and contact number need to be filled out of the seller.

The Savevalue receives the return and will refund it to your cerredit history.
The remark order number is needed to facilitate us to make a fefund.

Shipping provider must (LEX MY)                                                                      
How do separate print lazada airway bill -Click here to know more about .

1.Use Lazada Supported Logistics (LEX MY) No Need Manually Update Tracking Number.
2.No Need Click Arrange Shipment.( If clicked to prevent the buyer from canceling order. )
3.No Need Manually Send Shopee Airway Bill
4.After Courier Company Pickup Will Auto Update Seller Centre Shpping Status.


1.It Takes An Hour To Sync To Savevalue Mystore.
2.If More Than Three Hours,Go To Sync Setting Refresh Lazada Order Button.
3.Integration Authorization Expired .(please re-authorise your shopee account)
4.The Seller Has Completed The Order.

1.You are not allowed to remove and change seller SKU, because it will affect the products matching with Savevalue warehouse system.
2.Change Selling Price (need to go back savevalue mystore edit)

1.Product Title          (Create your own keywords)
2.Product Description  
3.Product Cover Images        (Create your own product images)
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4.Selling Price Can Markup (Need to be edited in our system)

You are encouraged to use all the marketing tools at seller center to increase traffic, boost sales and engage with your customers.
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Please fill in the address below

No:60 Jalan LP 1A/5 Taman Lestari Perdana 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor.
The name and contact number need to be filled out of the seller.
Click here to know more about edit pickup address.

1.LEX MY (Monday To Saturday 12pm)
2.Flash My (Monday To Friday 1pm)The seller needs to notify the Flash My.
3.Skynet (Monday To Friday 1pm)The seller needs to notify the Skynet.
A pickup address is required ( No:60 Jalan LP 1A/5 Taman Lestari Perdana 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor.)

* There is not shipments on sunday and public holidays.

Lazada supported logistics ( Shipping Charges Buyer With Pay To Lazada)

1.LEX MY (Default)
2.Skynet (Bulky) Pick-up address needs to put savevalue address
- Click here to know more about enable Lazada supported logistics>

- Click here to know more about tutorial >

Stock balance will be updated automatically and customer orders will be pushed to Savevalue automatically. Seller need to ensure there's sufficient credit in Savevalue.

* Your orders will auto-push into your Savevalue account.
* Auto order will push into your Savevalue account every 1 hour.
(If your Lazada order receive at 1.25pm, Savevalue shall receive your order between 2.00pm – 3.00pm)
* Please ensure that you have enough credits in the Savevalue account to allow the system to automatically place order. - Click here to know more about Top Up Credits
* If your Savevalue account does not have credit or insufficient credit, the order will be in the. Click here to know more about pending order payment.

Please elaborate the situation

We use Lazada supported logistic (LEX MY) no need manually update tracking number in Lazada.

1. Please be sure your email & API Key is correctly.
2. Please be sure no spacing when you copy & paste in the column.
3. Please confirm you have completed Shopee tutorial for the account activation.
4. Authorization expired (please Re-authorize Savevalue Lazada setting)

This is something seller need to manage with Lazada and the buyer.in any case,please click hold button remark the cancellation.if item is still in our warehouse,we may still be able to stop the shipment out. 
1) Member hold button remark fill in cancel order we will cancel and refund.
2) Buyer cancels the order before the administrator has printed AWB ,we will cancel and refund.
3) If there is no hold button,it is not allowed to cancel the order.( to prevent the buyer from canceling order the order, seller need to click order to Arrange Shipment.)

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