New Upgrade 4D Bass Dual Speakers Earphones Wired Headset HiFi Stereo Headphones with Microphone
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Pos Laju Sabah RM  15.80 1 - 2 Days
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Pos Laju Semenanjung RM  4.50 1 - 2 Days
Shipping fee calculate based on the product highest weight/ volumetric dimension. Product more than 2kg can refer others postage.

- Exclusive patent, quality optimization of metal composite diaphragm.

- Ergonomic design, nipple-grade silicone earmuffs.

- Before, the tail pipe connection adopts the bevel design, which is comfortable and easy to wear.

- Single crystal copper core wire, no current noise

- Sound quality, enjoy life.

- The perfect gift for yourself or a friend

- Type: Piston In-Ear HeadphonesSpecification:

Brand:WJHH/No Brand
Interface type: 3.5mm plug
Weight: 12g
Cable length: 1.2m
 Material: PC  Mini Dual Driver
Speaker: 8 mm speaker Mini Dual Driver
Wire material: crystal wire
 Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone

- 独家专利,金属复合膜片品质优化。
- 符合人体工程学的设计,乳头级硅胶耳罩。
- 之前,尾管连接采用斜角设计,佩戴舒适方便。
- 单晶铜芯线,无电流噪声
- 音质,享受生活。
- 送给自己或朋友的完美礼物
- 类型:活塞式入耳式耳机规格:

扬声器:8 毫米扬声器迷你双驱动器
- Paten eksklusif, pengoptimuman kualiti diafragma komposit logam.
- Reka bentuk ergonomik, penutup telinga silikon gred puting.
- Sebelum ini, sambungan paip ekor menggunakan reka bentuk serong, yang selesa dan mudah dipakai.
- Kawat teras tembaga kristal tunggal, tiada bunyi semasa
- Kualiti bunyi, nikmati hidup.
- Hadiah yang sesuai untuk diri sendiri atau rakan
- Jenis: Fon Kepala Dalam Telinga OmbohSpesifikasi:

Jenama:WJHH/Tiada Jenama
Mikrofon: ya
Jenis antara muka: palam 3.5mm
Berat: 12g
Panjang kabel: 1.2m
Bahan: PC Mini Dual Driver
Pembesar suara: Pemacu Dwi Mini pembesar suara 8 mm
Bahan dawai: dawai kristal
 Fungsi: Main / Jeda, Jawab / Mati, Pembatalan Bunyi, Mikrofon

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