KODAK Externo SSD X200 Disco Duro USB3.1 GEN2 External Hard Drive Type C 3.1 Portable Solid State 1TB PSSD
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Courier Company Location Shipping Cost (Manual Order) Estimated delivery (Working days)
Pos Laju Sabah RM  19.00 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Sarawak RM  19.00 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Semenanjung RM  5.80 1 - 2 Days
Shipping fee calculate based on the product highest weight/ volumetric dimension. Product more than 2kg can refer others postage.

Speed :
Read Rate: Up to 450MB/S. Write Rate: Up to 420MB/S.
Speed data from Kodak offical website.Speed depends host device, inter, usage conditions and the type of your device.
Feature :
Support System:  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP / Mac OS 10.4 or higher / Linux 2.6.31 or higher.
Support Device: Computer/Laptop/TV/TV Box/Car Media Player/ Smartphone(With OTG Ftion) and etc.
About use:  Plug and play (no software needed)
Inter type: Type C USB3.1/USB3.0(Compatible) /USB2.0(Compatible).
Body:  Dustproof,Shockproof,unique honeycomb design.
Weight:  38g weight(net weight)
Size : 90.5mm (L) x 45mm (W) x 10mm (H).

About Approximately  119GB
256GB  Approximately  238GB
512GB  Approximately  476GB
1TB       Approximately  930GB
Vendors are using decimal arithmetic: 1MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000MB calculated, but the operating system is using binary arithmetic: 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB. So there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory products.
 Interface:USB3.2 Gen1  Type-C
 Read/Write :Up to 500MB/s / 400MB/s
 Dimension:90 x 45 x 10 mm
 Capacity: 256GB | 512GB | 1TB
读取速率:高达 450MB/S。写入速率:高达 420MB/S。
支持系统:Windows 10、8、7、Vista、XP / Mac OS 10.4 或更高版本 / Linux 2.6.31 或更高版本。
支持设备:计算机/笔记本电脑/电视/电视盒/车载媒体播放器/智能手机(带 OTG 功能)等。
接口类型:Type C USB3.1/USB3.0(兼容)/USB2.0(兼容)。
重量:38 克(净重)
尺寸:90.5 毫米(长)x 45 毫米(宽)x 10 毫米(高)。

256GB 约238GB
512GB 约476GB
1TB 约930GB
接口:USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C
读写速度:最高500MB/s / 400MB/s
尺寸:90 x 45 x 10 mm
容量:256GB | 512GB | 1TB
Kadar Bacaan: Sehingga 450MB/S. Kadar Tulis: Sehingga 420MB/S.
Data kelajuan dari tapak web rasmi Kodak. Kelajuan bergantung pada peranti hos, antara, keadaan penggunaan dan jenis peranti anda.
Sistem Sokongan: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP / Mac OS 10.4 atau lebih tinggi / Linux 2.6.31 atau lebih tinggi.
Peranti Sokongan: Komputer/Komputer riba/TV/Peti TV/Pemain Media Kereta/ Telefon Pintar (Dengan OTG Ftion) dan lain-lain.
Mengenai penggunaan: Pasang dan main (tiada perisian diperlukan)
Jenis antara: Jenis C USB3.1/USB3.0(Serasi) /USB2.0(Serasi).
Badan: Tahan habuk, kalis kejutan, reka bentuk sarang lebah yang unik.
Berat: 38g berat (berat bersih)
Saiz : 90.5mm (L) x 45mm (W) x 10mm (H).

Kira-kira 119GB
256GB Lebih kurang 238GB
512GB Lebih kurang 476GB
1TB Kira-kira 930GB
Penjual menggunakan aritmetik perpuluhan: 1MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000MB dikira, tetapi sistem pengendalian menggunakan aritmetik binari: 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB. Jadi terdapat beberapa perbezaan antara kapasiti paparan dan kapasiti nominal produk memori kilat.
 Antara muka?USB3.2 Gen1 Jenis-C
 Baca/Tulis?Sehingga 500MB/s / 400MB/s
 Dimensi?90 x 45 x 10 mm
 Kapasiti: 256GB | 512GB | 1TB

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