Adjustable Back Brace Posture Corrector Back Support Shoulder Belt Men/ Women Black
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Product Description :
Back Support Belt Orthopedic Posture Corset Back Brace Support Men Back Straightener Round Shoulder Men's Posture Corrector
Posture braces for posture functions:
Recommended by doctors for correcting posture and provides three additional benefits:
1. Abdominal Support
2. Lumbo-Sacral Support
3. Middle and Upper Back Support
• Helps prevent and treat scoliosis or other spinal problems
• Also provides body shaping effect and improves figure
• Specially designed to fit a man's body
• Comfortable to wear and unnoticeable under clothes
• Designed with 2 flexible metal stays and rigid anterior and posterior removable panels
• Reinforced straps and extra shoulder sleeves for additional comfort
• 2 additional pulls for improved support and precise adjustment
• Criss-cross design in back provides additional support
• Provides posture correction for all age groups.
• Correction of rounded shoulders and slouching.
• Tackles chronic back pain.
How to use:
1. Pull shoulder straps over shoulders making sure that fabric pouches with magnets are closest to your
2. Stretch waist belt around torso and fasten.
3. Adjust position and snugness as needed. Shoulder straps should pull back slightly on shoulder area,if needed pull waist belt down slightly to increase shoulder pressure
Material:Neoprene,Elastic,Mesh Colth
Size: M L XL XXL
Color: Black
Posture Corrector Features & Functions:
1. Corrects your posture and restores healthier stature to your body.
2. Protect your lumber waist with double pull closure.
3. Reduce lower back pain, slouching and hunching.
4. Contribute to growing development.
5. Health products for men and women bodybuilding, for office daily wear.
6. Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear.

产品描述 :


Penerangan Produk :
Back Support Belt Orthopaedic Posture Korset Back Brace Support Men Back Straightener Round Shoulder Corrector Posture Men

Posture braces untuk fungsi postur:
Disyorkan oleh doktor untuk membetulkan postur dan menyediakan tiga manfaat tambahan:
1. Sokongan Perut
2. Sokongan Lumbo-Sacral
3. Sokongan Belakang Tengah dan Atas
• Membantu mencegah dan merawat scoliosis atau masalah tulang belakang yang lain
• Juga menyediakan kesan membentuk badan dan meningkatkan angka
• Direkabentuk khas agar sesuai dengan tubuh lelaki
• Selesa untuk memakai dan tidak dapat dibahagikan di bawah pakaian
• Direka dengan 2 logam tetap fleksibel dan panel anterior dan posterior yang boleh ditanggalkan
• Tali bertetulang dan lengan bahu tambahan untuk keselesaan tambahan
• 2 tarikan tambahan untuk sokongan yang lebih baik dan pelarasan tepat
• Reka bentuk silang-silang di belakang menyediakan sokongan tambahan
• Memberi pembetulan postur untuk semua kumpulan umur.
• Pembetulan bahu bulat dan slouching.
• Mengatasi kesakitan belakang kronik.
Bagaimana nak guna:
1. Tarik tali bahu di atas bahu memastikan bahawa kain kain dengan magnet paling dekat dengan anda
2. Laraskan tali pinggang pinggang di sekitar badan dan pasangkan.
3. Laraskan kedudukan dan kecekapan seperti yang diperlukan. Tali bahu sepatutnya menarik balik sedikit pada kawasan bahu, jika perlu tarik pinggang pinggang sedikit untuk meningkatkan tekanan bahu

Bahan: Neoprena, elastik, Mesh Colth
Saiz: M L XL XXL

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