Buku Parenting Journey Menyantuni Anak-Anak Mengikut Fitrah Mereka l Edisi Kedua
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Sinopsis : Jika you nak restart, reset, start fresh semula your parenting journey saya syor dapatkan Buku Parenting Journey 2023 saya ni. Buku ni ada 256 muka surat dengan konten yang khusus untuk you lebih faham fitrah anak anak you. Journey setiap orang berbeza. Tak fair jika you gunapakai tips parenting yang tak sesuai dengan anak & tak sesuai dengan your journey. Setiap anak unik. Your journey also unik.
Ada orang keluar pagi kerja tak jumpa anak, balik malam pun tak jumpa anak sebab dah tidur.
Ada orang seminggu sekali baru jumpa anak, selalunya sebab pjj atau dah berpisah
Ada orang seorang diri handle anak 3 4 5 orang, penat bukan kaleng kaleng
Ada orang rezeki anak istimewa bukan sekadar penat tapi burnout setiap hari.Eh, journey ni macam macam. Berjuta journey. Journey you custom made just for you. Apa yang kita rasa hanya kita je rasa, apa yang kita experience hanya kita je tahu, apa yang kita pendam hanya kita je hadam. Seriously, nak cerita journey sendiri kat orang pun tak sure macam mana nak mula cerita.Journey bukan setakat level emosi, level fizikal semata tapi boleh impak pada jiwa juga. Tu yang kadang kadang boleh termenung sorang sorang, fikiran boleh melayang nun jauh ingat masa silam dan sebagainya.Setiap yang berlaku dalam journey you tak kira la teruk ke, baik ke, bahagia ke, murung ke, adil ke, tak adil ke, it custom made just for you.Dengan satu tujuan untuk membentuk you jadi ‘someone’ yang telah ditakdirkan untuk jadi hari ini. You deserve to be someone you are destined to be!
Tajuk : Parenting Journey Edisi ke 2, 2024
ISBN : 978-967-2440-34-5
Penerbit : Bookue Resources
Penulis : Fhais Salim
Tahun Terbitan : 2024
Muka Surat : 340
Halaman : Bewarna
Paper : Anjala
简介:如果您想重新开始、重置、重新开始您的育儿之旅,我建议您阅读我的《2023 年育儿之旅》一书。 本书共256页,内容具体,让您更好地了解孩子的天性。 每个人的旅程都是不同的。 如果您使用的育儿技巧不适合您的孩子,也不适合您的旅程,这是不公平的。 每个孩子都是独一无二的。 您的旅程也是独一无二的。
还有人独自搬运3 4 5个孩子,累的不是罐罐头
有些人有幸拥有特殊的孩子,每天不仅累而且倦怠,呃,这个旅程不一样。 数以百万计的旅程。 为您量身定制的旅程。 我们所感受到的只有我们能感觉到,我们经历过的只有我们知道,我们隐藏的只有我们消化。 说真的,如果你想告诉人们你自己的旅程,你不知道如何开始这个故事。旅程不仅是情感层面,它只是身体层面,但它也可以对灵魂产生影响。 。 有时候你可以想想自己,你的思绪可以飘走,回忆过去等等,旅途中发生的一切,无论是坏的、好的、快乐的、悲伤的、公平的、不公平的,都是为你量身定做的。目的是将您塑造成您今天注定要成为的“人”。 你值得成为你命中注定要成为的人!
标题:育儿之旅第二版,2024 年
Synopsis: If you want to restart, reset, start fresh again your parenting journey, I recommend getting my Parenting Journey 2023 book. This book has 256 pages with specific content for you to better understand your child's nature. Everyone's journey is different. It's not fair if you use parenting tips that don't suit your child and your journey. Every child is unique. Your journey is also unique.
There are people who go out to work in the morning and do not see their children, come back at night and do not see their children because they have gone to sleep.
There are people who only see their children once a week, usually because of pjj or separation
There are people alone handling 3 4 5 children, tired not cans of cans
There are people who are blessed with special children who are not only tired but burnout every day. Eh, this journey is different. Millions of journeys. Journey you custom made just for you. What we feel only we feel, what we experience only we know, what we hide only we digest. Seriously, if you want to tell people about your own journey, you are not sure how to start the story. Journey is not only on an emotional level, but on a physical level, but it can have an impact on the soul as well. Sometimes you can think about yourself, your thoughts can drift away, remembering the past and so on. Everything that happens in your journey, whether it's bad, good, happy, sad, fair, unfair, it's custom made just for you. With one purpose to shape you into the 'someone' you are destined to become today. You deserve to be someone you are destined to be!
Title: Parenting Journey 2nd Edition, 2024
ISBN: 978-967-2440-34-5
Publisher: Book Resources
Author: Fhais Salim
Year of Issue: 2024
Pages: 340
Pages: Colored
Paper: Anjala

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