Solar Reflective Window Film One Way Privacy Mirror Tint Film 15% VLT Anti-UV Glass Tint Film
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Pos Laju Sabah RM  15.80 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Sarawak RM  15.80 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Semenanjung RM  4.50 1 - 2 Days
Shipping fee calculate based on the product highest weight/ volumetric dimension. Product more than 2kg can refer others postage.

How to install :
Product Features:
1. It Is Suitable For The Hue Of Home Windows. It Is Used As Privacy Curtains During The Day And It Can Effectively Reduce Glare. It Is Widely Used In Restaurants, Houses, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Offices And So On.
2. Easy To Use, Static Cling Film Is Suitable For Any Smooth Or Flat Glass Surface, Such As Windows, Sliding Doors, Balconies, To Protect The Glass From Damage.
3. Self-Adhesive Window The Privacy Film Can Last For A Long Time And Can Be Removed As Needed. It Falls Off Cleanly Without Leaving Any Residue.
One-Sided Perspective: One-Way Perspective Refers To The Fact That One Side Of Strong Light Cannot See The Dark Side, Which Means That When The Light In The Room
Stronger Than Outdoors, People Outside Can See People Inside. In General, Outside People Do Not See The People Inside During The Day.
Packing List:
1 X Privacy Window Film
1 X Squeegee
1 X English instruction
100% Brand New
The Infrared Rays Can Be Blocked, The Ultraviolet Solvent Is Added At The Bottom, And The One-Way Window Film Blocks 85% Of Infrared Rays And 99% Of Ultraviolet Rays. And To Reduce The Fading And Aging Of Indoor Furnishings, The Surface Has Scratch-Proof Layer, Anti-Friction, No Fading, No Blistering, Easy Removal, Economical And Practical.
Having Daytime Privacy Without Blocking Views; Window Privacy Protection Provides Excellent Privacy Protection Only During The Day; Privacy Effects Are Reversed At Night Due To Internal Exposure To More Light Than The Outside.
Suitable For Home Window Shades, Used As Privacy Curtains During The Day And Effectively Reduce Glare, Widely Used In Restaurants, Houses, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Offices, Etc.
The Glass Film Can Help You To Reduce The Splintering Of Glass Pieces, Glue Design, And No Chemical Release.
The Installation Is Very Simple, Just Make Sure That The Window Surface Is Completely Clean And Completely Free Of Defects. Remember To Use A Lot Of Soap/Water Mixture To Soak The Adhesive Side And The Window.
** Price per roll > For example, if you buy 3 unit, you will receive 3 roll of 3 meter sticker. ***
(1 unit = 1 meter, if you buy 2 unit = receive 2 roll /// if you buy 10 unit= receive 10 roll) 1 roll 1 meter
Color : Silver black
1 Roll 1 meter

Ciri-ciri Produk:
1. Ia Sesuai Untuk Warna Tingkap Rumah. Ia Digunakan Sebagai Tirai Privasi Pada Siang Hari Dan Ia Dapat Mengurangkan Silau Dengan Berkesan. Ia Banyak Digunakan Di Restoran, Rumah, Dapur, Bilik Tidur, Pejabat Dan sebagainya.
2. Mudah Digunakan, Filem Berpaut Statik Sesuai Untuk Mana-mana Permukaan Kaca Licin Atau Rata, Seperti Tingkap, Pintu Gelangsar, Balkoni, Untuk Melindungi Kaca Daripada Kerosakan.
3. Tingkap Pelekat Diri Filem Privasi Boleh Tahan Lama Dan Boleh Ditanggalkan Mengikut Keperluan. Ia Jatuh Dengan Bersih Tanpa Meninggalkan Sebarang Sisa.
Perspektif Sebelah: Perspektif Sehala Merujuk Fakta Bahawa Sebelah Cahaya Kuat Tidak Dapat Melihat Bahagian Gelap, Maksudnya Apabila Cahaya Di Dalam Bilik
Lebih Kuat Daripada Di Luar, Orang Di Luar Boleh Melihat Orang Di Dalam. Secara umumnya, Orang Luar Tidak Nampak Orang Dalam Pada Waktu Siang.

Senarai pembungkusan:
1 X Filem Tetingkap Privasi
1 X Squeegee
1 X arahan Bahasa Inggeris

100% Baru
Sinar Inframerah Boleh Disekat, Pelarut Ultraviolet Ditambah Di Bahagian Bawah, Dan Filem Tetingkap Sehala Menyekat 85% Sinar Inframerah Dan 99% Sinar Ultraungu. Dan Untuk Mengurangkan Pudar Dan Penuaan Perabot Dalaman, Permukaan Mempunyai Lapisan Kalis Gores, Anti Geseran, Tidak Luntur, Tidak Melepuh, Mudah Ditanggalkan, Jimat Dan Praktikal.
Mempunyai Privasi Siang Tanpa Menyekat Pandangan; Perlindungan Privasi Tetingkap Menyediakan Perlindungan Privasi Cemerlang Hanya Pada Siang Hari; Kesan Privasi Diterbalikkan Pada Waktu Malam Kerana Pendedahan Dalaman Kepada Lebih Cahaya Daripada Bahagian Luar.
Sesuai Untuk Lorek Tingkap Rumah, Digunakan Sebagai Langsir Privasi Pada Siang Dan Berkesan Mengurangkan Silau, Digunakan Secara meluas Di Restoran, Rumah, Dapur, Bilik Tidur, Pejabat, Dll.
Filem Kaca Boleh Membantu Anda Mengurangkan Serpihan Kepingan Kaca, Reka Bentuk Gam dan Tiada Pelepasan Bahan Kimia.
Pemasangannya Sangat Mudah, Cuma Pastikan Permukaan Tingkap Sepenuhnya Bersih Dan Sepenuhnya Bebas daripada Kecacatan. Ingat Gunakan Banyak Campuran Sabun/Air Untuk Rendam Bahagian Pelekat Dan Tingkap.

** Harga segulung > Contohnya, jika anda membeli 3 unit, anda akan menerima 3 gulung pelekat 3 meter. ***
(1 unit = 1 meter, jika anda membeli 2 unit = menerima 2 roll /// jika anda membeli 10 unit= menerima 10 roll) 1 roll 1 meter

Warna : Perak hitam
1 Roll 1 meter
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1 X ????

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?1 ?? = 1 ??????? 2 ?? = ?? 2 ? /// ????? 10 ?? = ?? 10 ??1 ? 1 ?

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