Bathroom Shelf Punch-Free Organizer Bath Towel Rack Bathroom Home Kitchen Organizer
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Courier Company Location Shipping Cost (Manual Order) Estimated delivery (Working days)
Pos Laju Sabah RM  19.00 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Sarawak RM  19.00 1 - 2 Days
Pos Laju Semenanjung RM  5.80 1 - 2 Days
Shipping fee calculate based on the product highest weight/ volumetric dimension. Product more than 2kg can refer others postage.

Punch-Free Multipurpose Kitchen Bathroom Metal Storage Shelf Wall Holder Rack Organizer with Strong Magic Sticker Shower Caddies (Black)
[No tools, no screws, no installation] There are no more ugly holes in the wall. No need to drill holes, just clean and install a smooth surface and dry, strong viscosity, can withstand 3 kg
[Applicable to a variety of environments] Our self-adhesive wall hooks are suitable for use in wet environments such as bathrooms. Suitable for stainless steel, metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, glass surfaces, ceramic tiles, etc.
[Storage neatly and orderly] The kitchen and bathroom can be used, the drainage is fast, the ventilation is ventilated, and the storage is dry and hygienic. Designed to organize your space, these bathroom shelves are ideal for storing shampoos, shower gels, creams, etc., and can be moved where you need them.
Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, adhesion ensures strong bearing and adhesion, please note that the adhesive hook can not be reused. Ideal for holding and tidying shampoos, soaps, shower gels, combs, razors, brushes and other cleaning products, it is best for bathrooms and kitchens.
NOTE - First instalted the sticky hook then after wait for 24 hours then hanging the rack, and sticky hook capacity is 2kg
100% Brand New and High Quality
Goods name:Bathroom Shelves Storage Organizer Iron Wall Toilet Wall-mounted Free Punching Storage Bathroom Hanging Basket Size:11*27.5*5.5cm

【不用工具,不用螺丝,不用安装】墙上再也没有难看的洞了。无需钻孔,只需清洁和安装表面光滑并干燥,粘性强,可承受 3 公斤

[适用于多种环境] 我们的自粘壁挂钩适用于浴室等潮湿环境。适用于不锈钢、金属表面、塑料表面、玻璃表面、瓷砖等。


注意 - 先安装粘钩,等待 24 小时后挂架,粘钩容量为 2 千克
100% 全新优质
Penyusun Rak Penyimpanan Rak Dinding Bilik Mandi Dapur Serbaguna Tanpa Punch dengan Kedi Pancuran Pelekat Ajaib yang Kuat (Hitam)

[Tiada alatan, tiada skru, tiada pemasangan] Tiada lagi lubang hodoh di dinding. Tak perlu tebuk lubang, cuma bersihkan dan pasang permukaan licin dan kering, kelikatan kuat, boleh tahan 3 kg

[Berlaku untuk pelbagai persekitaran] Cangkuk dinding pelekat diri kami sesuai digunakan dalam persekitaran basah seperti bilik mandi. Sesuai untuk keluli tahan karat, permukaan logam, permukaan plastik, permukaan kaca, jubin seramik, dll.

[Penyimpanan kemas dan teratur] Dapur dan bilik mandi boleh digunakan, saliran cepat, pengudaraan berventilasi, dan penyimpanan kering dan bersih. Direka bentuk untuk mengatur ruang anda, rak bilik mandi ini sesuai untuk menyimpan syampu, gel mandian, krim, dsb., dan boleh dialihkan ke tempat yang anda perlukan.
Anti-karat dan anti-karat, lekatan memastikan galas dan lekatan yang kuat, sila ambil perhatian bahawa cangkuk pelekat tidak boleh digunakan semula. Ideal untuk memegang dan mengemas syampu, sabun, gel mandian, sikat, pencukur, berus dan produk pembersihan lain, ia adalah yang terbaik untuk bilik mandi dan dapur.

NOTA - Mula-mula pasang cangkuk melekit kemudian selepas tunggu selama 24 jam kemudian gantung rak, dan kapasiti cangkuk melekit ialah 2kg
100% Jenama Baru dan Berkualiti Tinggi

Nama barang: Rak Bilik Mandi Penyusun Penyimpanan Tandas Dinding Besi Dipasang di Dinding Penyimpanan Tebukan Percuma Bakul Gantung Bilik Mandi Saiz:11*27.5*5.5cm

Bahan: Besi
Berat: 260g
Warna: Hitam, Putih

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